Macadamia Magnetique Seriess
How to change the look of your hair and delight with its beauty? the answer is simple. Deep hair reconstruction, based on two different products: liquid keratin and macadamia oil, thanks to which we will achieve spectacular moisturizing, rebuilding and rejuvenating effects. “

The shampoo was created especially for people who struggle with really dry hair. The shampoo provides the right level of hydration because it is rich in moisturizing ingredients. Hair is deeply moisturized and nourishedThis is due to the high content of macadamia tree oilrich in vitamin E and liquid keratinwhich will additionally make the hair shinier and increase its volume. 

Capacity: 250ml, 1000ml


Intended for deep hair reconstruction

A hair mask is a cosmetic that intensely moisturizes thick, porous and strongly tangled hair. In addition, the mask, thanks to the content of special ingredients, deeply nourishes dry and damaged hair, strengthens it and rebuilds its internal structure. Thanks to this action, the hair regains its healthy appearance, is regenerated and stronger.

Capacity: 300ml, 1000ml


This amazing oil provides intense nourishment and smoothing. Provides long-lasting effect without curling or tangling. Leaves hair shiny, smooth and easy to style and comb.

Thanks to the combination of Macadamia nut oil found in the South Pacific, nature gives us the most beneficial ingredients that deeply nourish and moisturize our hair and body.

The oil does not burden the hair or make it greasy, because its very light formula is quickly absorbed into the hair fiber.

Capacity: 30ml, 100ml


Deeply regenerating fluid with natural Macadamia oil for dry, damaged and brittle hair. Rich in nutrients to strengthen the hair fiber and its external structure. Leaves hair smooth and shiny, which is easy to comb.

How to use: Apply to damp hair before styling or use after styling for a healthy appearance. Especially recommended after the Macadamia Hair Booster regeneration treatment

Capacity: 150ml



Hair rejuvenation ritual. Intensive nutritional formula with immediate effects. It combines the action of macadamia oil with liquid keratin. Repairs badly damaged hair instantly.

It deeply penetrates the hair from the inside, smoothing its cuticles.

A deep hair reconstruction treatment, based on two products combined with each other to create a rejuvenating cream that regenerates, repairs, nourishes and deeply moisturizes the hair at the first application. Specially selected macadamia oil and liquid keratin repair even the most damaged hair, leaving it visibly healthier. They deeply penetrate the hair fiber, improving their health and vitality. Hair regains its former appearance. Macadamia Hair Booster set for hair reconstruction is an innovative set that is characterized by express and immediate action. As it turns out, it guarantees the effect of rejuvenating the hair after the first application. Such an extraordinary effect is due to the harmonious combination of macadamia oil with liquid keratin and a complex of amino acids

The product is ideal for use with Life Booster Magnetique as a hair regeneration treatment

2 x 12ml, 45 pcs