Gold & Keratin MagnetiqueSeriess

This series is intended for very damaged, pickled hair and “Afro” hair.
Thanks to the perfect combination of liquid gold and keratin (the main building block of hair), even the driest and unruly hair will regain its natural, perfect look.  
Restructuring shampoo with Keratin and micro-active Gold

A shampoo that regenerates damaged hair. Saturated with keratin and liquid gold. Thanks to its unique thick formula, it creates a protective film on the hair and the hair reflects natural light in a beautiful way.

Capacity: 250ml, 1000ml

Regenerating mask with Keratin and micro-active gold

Active keratin in combination with liquid gold strongly rebuilds and smoothes the hair fiber. The mask is recommended for very dry and damaged hair to regain shine, smoothness and instant nourishment

Capacity: 250ml, 1000ml

Two-phase conditioner Gold & Keratin

Two-phase conditioner with keratin and liquid gold, ideal for brittle, damaged and dry hair. Thanks to its content, it will allow you to forget about the problem of split ends and the problem of detangling the hair. The conditioner contains a UV filter that perfectly protects the hair from sunlight. Recommended for use after swimming in pools and seas.

Capacity: 50ml, 250ml